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Or you’re just reading too much into it. Read more

That’s how I like to get my life lessons. From a 21 year old who didn’t graduate from LSU. Read more

The suicide rate has nothing to do with what they believe about themselves, and everything to do with how society treats them/what culture tells them.
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the reason clint is so ageless is because he realizes that this is no country for old men.

the NY Cosmos have a history around the world Read more

People who take joy in their friends’ happiness. Read more

But I later mentioned him in a negative light in a popular blog post. Read more

holy shit! You can buy dogs that bite Lena Dunham? Sign me up. Read more

C’mon, when’s the last time a Braves starting pitcher even sniffed three strikeouts.
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Look at how this question was setup: Read more

You need a tag for ‘Kids ruin everything’

Dude catches a goddamn foul ball, and his wife gets to give him shit about it for frickin’ eternity.
There is no former joy from your past life that a baby cannot extinguish.

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Imagine that, a woman overreacting. Weird. Read more

“I don’t care that we finished (Place) in the Atlantic Division; with (Injury-Prone, Lottery Pick Big Man), (Injury-Prone, Lottery Pick Forward), and (Injury-Prone, Lottery Pick Guard) in the fold, (Year) is our year!!!! LONG LIVE THE PROCESS!!!!” Read more

bad analogy - a single cart doesn’t affect the green in a discernible way like taking a shit on your carpet - it’s only an issue if everyone does it.
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To be fair, I don’t think I would ever play golf without a cart. How the fuck am I going to carry a case of beer and a golf bag? Read more

Obviously they won’t go. No one in the NBA supports a travel ban. Read more

6 year olds, dude... That creep can throw, man. Read more

Yeah, you’re right, but now your lawn looks like shit and it bothers other people. Part of living in society is conforming to its norms and not being a pain in the ass. Read more

i would hope that all the girls softball teams were unseeded Read more