9:35 PM

I have a huge ass and I can’t get skinnies to fit. I go to a second store, get some nice fitting jeans for $7.00 and take in the legs. It’s so easy to do and saves a lot of money. Even if they’re too short, you can crop them just above the ankle and wear them in the summer.

10:43 PM

It is a shitty way to live, but it becomes second nature and you don’t realize how much energy it takes. Fortunately I am now beyond the age where cat calling as such no longer happens but you still have to be careful. Things like not going to the bathroom in a mall because the bathroom is down a long hallway with no Read more

9:17 PM

But there are enough men who do this that women have to regard all men as potential predators. Ask some women about how this factors into their decision making. We are always asking ourselves if doing something is worth the risk to our personal safety. Because maybe not all men are bad but all women have experienced Read more

1:11 AM

I got a new kitty yesterday. He was scheduled to be euthanized and I just couldn’t let that happen. He is such a cuddler with a big purr. Cool markings too. On one side he has a perfect heart and on the other side the word hi. The only thing he doesn’t have is a name. I like Webster but my son prefers Gilbert. My

11:59 PM

I had this happen at work with a rabbit. It was dropped by an eagle and the head was cut off with almost surgical precision.

11:08 PM

I posted about my Moxie a few weeks ago. She had been trapped and dumped by my neighbor on Good Friday. On Wednesday, after many, many hours of searching through muddy fields and brush I found her and now she is safe and sound at home. I am grateful to the Jezzie community for all your kind words that kept my spirits Read more

9:57 PM

I actually went on his website last week and one of his tips was the one that worked to find her. He said calling the cat’s name may not work so just talk in your normal voice. That’s what I did and it worked.

9:05 PM

FOUND!!! A few weeks ago I had posted about my cat Moxie who had been trapped and dumped by one of my neighbors. After hours and hours and hours of searching through brush and muddy fields I found her. She was at a farmyard that we had searched twice before but I guess she wasn’t ready to come out of hiding.