Heidi Hole
Tuesday 9:34PM

That is the sort of mistake I usually catch before posting (and especially egregious as Mayor Fouts figures prominently in Howlett v. Warren, Mich.); I will do my best to refund the undeserved stars.

Monday 8:39PM

So you think a 16 year-old that was publicly told to kill herself on Twitter is the one at fault here.  Gross.

Monday 6:26PM

“Seems like there are a lot of perfect people commenting here...” is exactly what an adolescent with not a shred of self-awareness would mutter as they climbed atop their high horse.

Monday 5:55PM

Plenty of terrible shit has a million likes on Instagram. It’s not a metric for anything.

Monday 4:47PM

This is true, and it’s clear she was absolutely looking for attention and trying to be an edgelord because she thinks that makes her interesting and relatable. But in the case of Courtney it doesn’t hold up. She didn’t just tweet at them publicly. Chrissy DM’d them privately, multiple times. And she keeps glossing Read more

Monday 3:22PM

So Chrissy now admits it was only a public apology, after she lied by saying she privately apologized, which Stodden proved by showing they were still blocked by Chrissy. She's so full of shit. If she were actually sorry, she'd unblock Stodden. I wonder if she's reached out to Quvenzhene Wallis, who was only 8 or 9 Read more

Monday 2:54PM

I did go and read the piece and the comments that are posted to it. I find it interesting the number of people who are minimizing the types of comments that Tiegen made. She was not just making fun of Stodden and Lohan, she was encouraging self-harm and suicide, and she was an adult in her mid twenties when this Read more

Monday 2:21PM

So you’re fine giving your kid a negative label, but you bristle at having one applied to you? You might want to think about that one a bit.

6/09/21 2:58PM

He did. They do have computer in the car and he probably already ran her plate so he knew who was in the car.

6/09/21 2:14PM

I don’t think you know what that word means.  

6/09/21 1:34PM

Back at you, most interactions with the police aren’t filmed. If the ones that are filmed are this bad, what about the ones nobody sees? Read more

6/02/21 7:10PM

I actually don’t think this is really about Ellie Kemper for most folks. Like, unless you’re a huge fan of Kimmie Schmidt (which I’d argue was Titus’ show in the long run) or the Office, she’s a non-entity. I’m not interested in her involvement at all. Read more

5/06/21 3:44PM

Molesting children isn’t a mental illness, it’s a crime. And mental illnesses don’t cause child exploitation and consuming child pornography. I know there’s this sense that stuff like this is helpful because it’s spotlighting mental illness, but the fact is that it’s deeply stigmatizing to see someone habitually Read more

5/04/21 11:08AM

“I agree because I know where you are coming from and I love you, Don Lemon. We agree on the problem. What’s the solution? We’ve got to figure it out,” Cuomo said. Read more

4/29/21 7:33PM

to the surprise of no one the woman who “found” lady gagas dogs after the dognapping was in on it
Read more

4/28/21 10:32AM

I don’t want to hear anyone employed by the New York Post whining about how awful it is. Read more