Hedgehogs are Cute
Oct 9 2019

Quick, count the number of dipshits who think they’re clever commenting on this article! Poor TadBravo’s rustled jimmies lol what a fucking dumb dumb

Aug 23 2019

So placing 3000+ innocent civilians in a series of planes and skyscrapers as deserving of dying in terror attacks because politicians in said country aren’t particularly nice. Real moral stance there fucknugget. Read more

May 9 2019

Fuck China and fuck their president, you fuckers would be glad if winnie the pooh was your mascot and it is.

May 8 2019

No, they need to be shut down. Their entire business model is based on miss-classifying drivers for their own benefit; they never should have gotten to this point based on that alone. Read more

Dec 14 2018

On top of that, he casually suggests the emotional complexity and intensity of a polyamorous relationship. “Like, your wife has issues, and you probably do too, but you should just see other people”. Read more

Jul 12 2018

Eh, gotta disagree. I’ve been posting here since way before Kinja, back in the days when every comment was “ungreyed” and a star by your name was a special little form of kudos that could only be given by the writers (and it didn’t actually have any affect on your comment’s visibility.) Read more