Heck Its Mike
12/08/17 3:42PM

Hot damn, this easily surpasses the upvotes on my “can’t fun be fun” comment from the “A Harold and Kumar Christmas” review. I’m not big on internet commenting but what has happened to this site is a damn shame. Read more

12/20/15 2:19PM

Broke asses like me park their own shit. Problem solved.

9/18/15 3:58PM

Essentially, the comet is allergic to sunlight and is developing rashes.

2/09/14 8:19PM

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice interact with a wide range of medicines, increasing their concentration in the bloodstream. That increase is dangerous for some of the meds. The effect can last for more than 24 hours, so you can't have grapefruit juice at breakfast and then take some of these meds ad dinnertime.

9/10/13 9:52AM

"addicted to sugar"

Sigh. It'd be nice to read a single fitness article without the first comment being someone who's paleo-obsessed calling me broken for eating pasta.

8/09/13 10:11AM

I know this isn't a "lifehacker" created chart however it needs to be said that Xbox Music is an excellent option. Windows Phone may not have the same market share as Android or Apple but they had music subscription first with Zune and now Windows Phone. You can access your music via a web browser now as well. With Read more