Sep 2

Not only should sexual predators not have access to my “personal data”, the manufacturers should not have access to my “personal data”, and in fact my automobile should be storing my “personal data”. Read more

Aug 18

Race, and racism - explicit and hidden - is a part of everything. Including automotive culture. If you can’t see that, or don’t want to believe that, you’re a part of the problem

Aug 17

According to Mercedes-Benz market research of cargo van drivers, the average daily mileage of a van in Europe is just around 60 miles...“it’s aimed primarily at businesses conducting multi-drop ‘last-mile’ deliveries in urban areas... Read more

Aug 13

You did not like it in the past? You did not like it in the ass? You do not like green eggs and ham? Read more

Aug 12

One of the best ways to prevent deaths from accidents is to prevent the accident in the first place. This is solved with education. Make it MUCH more difficult to obtain a driver license, or make it a tiered system (as to not negatively affect the lower income brackets) where a beginner permit allows you to use Read more

Aug 10

Actually, it is based on Assembly Bill 5 which passed and was signed into law in California last year.  The whole point of the bill was to reclassify most gig workers as employees.

Aug 10

But the Feds didn’t pass a new law last year specifically reclassifying most gig workers as employees.  California did.

Jun 3

Did you read the f*cking article? Get out of here with that bullshit.

Mar 10

To me, that’s exactly what kind of show it is. It occasionally has pretensions to more, but then somebody goes and trusts Smith AGAIN even though she has betrayed them a dozen times before. If everybody is going to act that dumb, why should she be any more subtle in her evilness?

Mar 5 2020

Tom, you know I usually defer to your expertise here (hey, I’m not just the president of the fan club, I’m a customer)! But in this case?

Feb 11 2020

WD-40 is not a lubricant, and people who use it as such are only setting themselves up for long term failure. It provides lubricant-like results for a very brief period of time, but in the end, will only dissolve any remaining prior lubricant from the application area and then evaporate itself, leaving you with Read more

Feb 7 2020

Sure. There’s no chance this letter came in on January 4th and they are just getting to it now.