Buckeye Yooper
Sep 16 2019

I have an urge to buy this car and be a star bouncer in some roadside club.

Sep 3 2019

I like it, but I don’t five grand like it. Cafe racers are always in the “someone else’s project” realm: you’d be buying the seller’s vision, built to the level of their competence and depth of wallet. Usually not a great idea. Also, carbs are witchcraft and I don’t know the magic spells to keep any of them that are Read more

Aug 8 2019

“That site should more rightfully be called Bring a Trailer Full of Money.” - Very accurate comment. 

Aug 7 2019

Bcause there's a highway to hell, but only a stairway to heaven. Duh.

Aug 7 2019

What’s the long term? There will still be ICE cars on the road in the U.S. 50 years from now. Will they be less common? Sure, but there are plenty of places and applications where EVs just won’t work well.  

Aug 6 2019

You get the new one every day of the week. That probably is the best 1984 F-150 in existence, but it is still a 1984 F-150. I owned that era of F-150 is almost that exact same configuration, albeit with 100K on it at the time and in very good condition. These weren’t great to drive when they were new. That experience

Jul 23 2019

Some Yooper will snatch it up and it’ll become a dedicated beer run machine for deer camp until it succumbs to a sad slow rusty death.