Hatless Süspęçt and 6 others
Jan 23 2018

Here lies the body of Mary Lee; died at the age of a hundred and three. For fifteen years she kept her virginity; then I grabbed her by the pussy.  

Oct 4 2017

Why do people perpetrate online hoaxes? Why do people shoot from a 32 story building? Why do people vote for Trump? Why do people throw a kitten out of a moving car (my foster cat)? Why do people abuse loved ones? Why do people drive PT Cruisers? I just don’t know anymore. People are crazy, that’s all I got.

Oct 3 2017

He’s made it this far without contracting a venereal disease. Who am I to question his methods?

Oct 2 2017

This was an astonishing game to watch and particularly to hear. As the (terrible!) commentators mentioned often, it’s not every day a member of the visiting team gestures to the crowd to get louder, and then the crowd obeys. I think the effect of the Eagle’s fans taking over was compounded by the fact the stadium has Read more

Oct 1 2017

As a Bills fan, I have to tell you that when the Pats handed Gilmore big money, we laughed and laughed (and then threw each other through flaming tables) and laughed.