hate on the goon squad brigade
Dec 14 2014

We all know Miss Igloo Australia definitely won't, that's for sure.

Nov 23 2014

No, no, I didn't take it that way at all. Looking back, I'm surprised they were as open about it as they were, given the atmosphere surrounding any kind of homosexuality. Read more

Nov 23 2014

Agreed, yes - the anonymity of posting on the internet or altering a street name on Google Maps breeds a false courage.

Nov 8 2014

I would point out here that the nazis gassed the fuck out of some queers too. That's where we get the pink triangle thing. It was on the prison uniforms of the queers to differentiate them from the Jews, who got the Star of David. I have a pink triangle tattoo right now. So I'm not even sure how queers cannot speak of