Today 9:54AM

I would not be aware of Sparks' existence had I not consulted Wikipedia after wondering why McCartney dresses up as Hitler (so I thought) in his Coming Up video.

Today 8:38AM

So, California real estate prices were insane even in the mid 70s in the midst of stagflation.

Today 8:35AM

If I recall, though, there’s nothing to indicate Otis knew he was being tailed. And he had already entered Luther’s layer before his boss pushed the guy in front of the train. Did he even realize what was going on?

Yesterday 5:31PM

I'm surprised nobody mentioned "Otis! Would you like to see a long arm? Would you like to see a very long arm?"

Yesterday 5:21PM

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s clearly a pair of peaks on the map.

Friday 7:48PM

It’s sad how well we’ve been trained to accept mediocre, bland familiarity in the US. Seems particularly pervasive in the midwest and the south. Read more

Friday 7:44PM

That doesn’t say much for some of the catering companies that operate in the Philadelphia area, then, because I ate a lot of mediocre baked ziti at various functions during my youth.

Friday 4:40PM

I've only eaten at Hard Rock Cafe twice and never by choice, but I found the food rather awful both times.

Friday 4:37PM

I was going to comment, how can Hard Rock Cafe, which serves equally bland, uninspiring food, still be around when Planet Hollywood is almost gone?

Friday 4:35PM

It depends on which nerve was affected. The nerve that controls chewing, which is also involved in facial sensation, is different from the one that controls most of the facial expression muscles. The latter also has a small role in taste.

Friday 6:50AM

I also think the scene where the Nazgul attack the beds in Bree is pretty scray.  

Friday 6:47AM

It could work for Tolkien, though, since he sketched out thousands of years of fictional history. Most of this timeline doesn’t directly set up any of the main events in his books, but it does establish cultural and historical depth.

Thursday 5:24PM

So if this literally takes place decades after the original series, it would appear that He-Man has spent the entire time at the gym. I mean, he was ripped before, but now he looks absolutely massive.

Thursday 5:20PM

I remember that horse. None of the legs moved.

Thursday 5:18PM

Fortunately, the old Looney Tunes were still regularly shown on UHF stations during this era, so we actually had some choices beyond cheaply made half-hour toy commercials.

6/09/21 9:34PM

“Jane of Morgantown” almost writes itself. A disillusioned veteran of the Morgantown PD is ready to retire and live with her fiance in Lebanon (PA, not the country), when she is called to investigate what appears to be a routine crash of a buggy... only to find there is no trace of young Johanna Speicher and Emma Read more

6/09/21 9:16PM

I grew up in Delco. Never heard it even remotely pronounced "hoogie". If anything, the long "o" sound was particularly emphasized, similar to the unique way "go", "home", and "Coke" are pronounced in the area.

6/09/21 5:24PM

Given the high rates of child mortality until fairly recently, most of us wouldn’t be here today if many of our ancestors didn’t marry and start having kids at a pretty young age.

6/09/21 4:15PM

And to be clear, the point of view of the film seems to agree that Indy was in the wrong here.