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I join you in your hatred of fondant, but truth be told i’m not really crazy about buttercream either. It’s fine in small doses, but it makes me feel sick if I eat more than a few bites.  I like a hard sugar icing for cookies and either whipped ganache or no frosting at all on cakes (IMO bundt cakes, glazed or Read more

hmm so after my reply was added, the number remained at one, since you cant delete comments, ti can only infer that kinja knew i was going to post and thusly made the notice in advance.
p.s. ty for reply (always feel special when the article writer responds to you) Read more

I’m worried someone might use a script like this and break Kinja!

Are you kidding me? What if we got as many people as possible to run this script.Would we break Twitter? Can we do this right before the State of the Union? Read more

I suppose it could have been worse. Imagine if you’d been trying to reset your Retweet List - you might have caused Twitter’s first Replyallpocalypse.
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Can we get a dark mode Gizmodo?  
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In Really Dark mode, Bixby and Siri just randomly espouse nihilist philosophy. Read more

Yeah, I think building it with hinges for specific bend points is key. The one at CES could be bent in any direction, which really doesn’t help anyone. You end up with a tablet that’s almost impossible to make flat.  Read more

I really should submit my pants for testing because they’re clearly not testing the inside of pockets during these “unbreakable” tests. Read more

I’m interested to see what the phone cases will look like. Read more

the biggest issue here is that I have yet to see any kind of material that hold up being folded/unfolded many times a day especially on a handheld device in plastic material Read more

I wonder if by 4-way hinge hes referring to how many combos it has, all the way folded out, one side folded in (right or left), or all folded in Read more

this is so cool and unnecessary and I want it anyway. this is the kind of gadget that makes me feel like the first time I got to play with my aunt’s sony clie PDA way back in like 2001. Read more

Never demean a rational choice like this. It’s effectively the only means of watching many, many back-catalog films at this point and also the most cost-effective means of watching new releases, assuming you watch more than a couple a month.  Read more

I am one of last sad saps who also subscribes to DVD Read more

FYI: The staff bullied me until I let them write this up. Read more

Typo in the title “any nearly”... I think you meant “nearly any” Read more

Hopefully the new one will still fit the in Mavic controller!! Read more

I would just put it in the dishwasher. Gentle cycle of course.  Read more