Harrison Grey
Dec 1

This is making me really think that the crossover this year will be based on Millenium

Jul 15

There were episodes that went anthology, to a degree, one of them being 1001 Arabian Nights, so the idea has some precedence.  But yeah, I think a series would be the better format

Jul 4

So, two things. One, Godzilla Jr. I believe is canonically adopted; presumed to be the same species, but an unrelated specimen. While I don’t think the film comments on Minya, a lot of people just assume him to be adopted as well. Read more

Jun 12

Season one has a bunch of issues, but it has one genuinely good throughline and that’s the relationship between Captain Cold and Heatwave, which does a lot of work setting up Heatwave’s arc in particular in season two.  Plus Captain Cold is one of the best characters the show’s had, and it’s always good to see more of Read more

Jun 7

For the sake of the horny side of the internet, it’s truly a blessing we never got this.  Cyborg armaments and WWI fashion would have amplified Helga Sinclair’s ‘step on me’ vibes and caused a horny meltdown the likes of which we would still be recovering from.

Jun 3

If we have to say goodbye to Charly and Zari 1.0, please at least tell me that we get to keep Astra next year. Olivia Swann was an amazing addition this year and I would 100% love to see her in more of the show

May 27

Honestly, between the idea last week that she would eventually have to watch her mother die, and the idea this week that her mother wouldn’t want her to sacrifice her own happiness for hers, I feel like they’re setting up the idea of the Astra we know staying around somehow.  I wouldn’t be surprised, and I would be Read more

May 20

I got the idea that Sara saw enough to tell that they were on the right track to winning, but that it also included her death, so she went with it on faith that her death could lead to a solution and her friends could (probably) bring her back with the Loom

Apr 4

I’ll second this. I am genuinely amazed at how deeply this series understands the idealism at the heart of superheroes, especially when I feel like that idealism has kind of been overlooked in a lot of recent output from Marvel and DC (good output, too, just often focusing on other aspects of superhero action).  My Read more

Mar 24

If anyone is interested in watching some of these, I highly suggest Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Fourze as really good seasons. W is themed after a hardboiled detective (he tries to be hardboiled, but he’s too nice, so his partners dub him a “half-boiled” detective). The show is slick, stylish, clever, and full of Read more

Mar 4

Bollywood dance sequences and superheroes already work really well together

Feb 26

I was coming down to the comments just to mention that.  It felt like there was more than the usual stylish details like that this week.

Feb 25

So, I’ll go ahead and say this.  Legends of Tomorrow is on a whole different level of quality from the rest of the CW shows. The first season has a lot of the same issues as the rest; its strength is in its cast, most of which are amazing, but the writing has a ton of flaws and the season just has problems.  Then Read more

Jan 15 2020

Um, have you been watching Legends of Tomorrow? Because they already did the Legion of Doom, complete with those headquarters.

Dec 26 2019

It had a pretty limited release, so I get why it’s not showing up on more lists like this, but Promare is my favorite movie of the year, genre or otherwise. In terms of best, I honestly think it’s tied with Jojo Rabbit and right ahead of Knives Out for best movie made this year.

Dec 24 2019

Worse than average, probably not, but that’s still not necessarily good. I’ll say, thematically, the general outline wasn’t bad (scientists good, military bad), but a lot of the issues I had were in the execution. I wouldn’t call him comic relief, but the series of snarky one liners from Bradley Whitford’s character Read more

Dec 23 2019

Most of the best parts of Godzilla were Mothra-related. I’d honestly separately add the scene where Mothra emerges from her cacoon behind the waterfall while the Mothra theme plays and the camera reveals that there’s a second Zhang Ziyi because she’s the Mothra Twins to the Best Moments list.

I’d also add most of the Read more

Nov 24 2019

I’ve been going back through the games with all Bug teams, and it’s one: pretty fun, and two: by Gen III, it’s really not that hard.  As they started branching out in the dual typing for Bugs, a lot of options have opened up.  Plus Sun and Moon were extremely kind to Bug types with the addition of Golisopod and Read more