Hannibal A Portas
5:13 PM

He just showed up one day, very skinny, and was eating cobwebs on their shrubs. 😭 They think he may have belonged to a woman who lived behind them, she went into assisted living. And nobody either tried to rehome the kitty or it couldn’t be found when they moved her. But he’s fat, happy, and loved again.

1:53 PM

This is very exciting news! I can’t wait to see Ruby and Cornbread in their matching / complimentary get ups.

1:48 PM

You have a beautiful family! I’m glad Kia has found a new hobby now that she can’t chase balls at the park. 

1:46 PM

Fantastic FFF, I missed a lot of these last week. I’m going to have to go back and look at them all again.