H8 Rain
Feb 19

As a general rule, it’s never a good idea to take financial advice from anyone who’s trying to sell you something.

Feb 14

It would be a baller move if in the remake Sephiroth kills Cloud and you play the rest of the game as Aerith.

Feb 13

I feel like a live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie would have better served with an environmentalist theme. Dr. Robotnik could be involved with deforestation and pollution in a forest called Green Hills and the animals are fighting back. Sonic could even be running around a chemical plant trying to shut it down.

Feb 10

In 2004 you could buy a brand new Silverado ex cab, 4wd for $18,500. That’s only a hair over $25k in today’s money. They want $36k for a stripper 2wd today, they’re F-ing nutz.

Jan 27

Oddly enough he sold it back to gamestop for $13 in store credit.

Jan 21

1. I love TNG (and TOS). But the people who hate Disco seem to think that TNG was all “The Best of Both Worlds” and “Measure of a Man”, when it was really at least 50% “Up The Long Ladder” and “Sub Rosa”. Kill your nostalgia. Read more

Jan 21

Especially since a Deep Space Nine episode would later feature the unequivocal statement that killing your own clone counts as murder.

Jan 21

Back in March of last year I had a fantastic experience at my parents local Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealership. My moms 07 Santa Fe finally kicked the bucket at 265,000ish miles (she bought it brand new in 06). There was knocking coming from the engine and glitter in the oil and filter.

Her requirements were that she Read more

Jan 18

I don’t normally read comments this far down the list but wow, I was really impressed by your suggestion. This is something I would never have considered or known to advise others. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip!
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Jan 7

The only car I have that I would unlock with the key is my 95 Miata, which I never lock because I’m not stupid.

Dec 12

He is renting the wrong car. He needs a tow-capable 4x4 with heated seats. I’d recommend a ‘burban. Load the jeep up on a uhaul trailer and start driving! Guaranteed to make it back by thursday, no need to wrench in 2ft of snow. Read more

Dec 4

Jason, you’re logged in under Andrew’s account, just FYI

Nov 29

Looks at car and price scolls down and votes CP. Goes back to read article and wants to vote CP again.