Apr 26 2019

I know several people who own both, and I know several long-time Porsche owners who have switched to Corvette, especially the higher power models. It’s anecdotal evidence at best, but yeah, I’d say some percentage of buyers cross shop the two.

Apr 19 2019

Okay, it’s not just me. Maybe it’s better in person, and these photos looked considerably better than the press kit ones floating around, but it looks like a sad catfish to me.

Apr 19 2019

If you regularly transport viper v-10's.. IN PAIRS.. We need to be friends IRL.

Apr 19 2019

I never have understood why people say that sedans have ‘compromised utility.’ How many times - exactly - have you needed to transport a 72" desk from Ikea in the past 3 years? How about a pile of plywood and 2x4's? Chances are the answer is “uh... well, I did have a little trouble getting that office chair to fit.” Read more

Apr 19 2019

It’s going to take me a long, long time to come around on that front end. I appreciate that they swung for the fences, but, man. Catfish vibes.

Feb 28 2019

The terrain on Venus is as hellish as its temperatures and pressures. To say nothing of the weather on Venus. There’s a reason why whatever is sent there doesn’t last long. It’s also incredibly difficult to scout properly and its weather causes such information to be out of date too quickly.
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Feb 3 2019

Does Toyota have circa 2005 GM too-big-to-fail syndrome? Models dragging on for far too long, a staid and boring lineup, fewer features than the competition, and nothing really worth buying? 

Jan 12 2019

Found the concept quite spectacular. Was disappointed when the first images of the camouflaged mules were posted. Seeing the production version makes me nauseous.

Jan 12 2019

Thank you. I was trying to find words for this styling mess and then you reminded me words won’t do. A star for you.

Jan 11 2019

Kind of a shitty thing to post w/o dude’s permission. He’s definitely at work and you’re blowing up his spot to make a nothing point.

Oct 25 2018

Much like the old Top Gear surveys in Britain, they rely entirely on the owners of the cars who choose to participate. In a country where most people can’t be bothered to vote in elections, its not surprising that people don’t participate.

Oct 9 2018

Maybe if they made a decent fucking car, they wouldn’t be tired of “hearing our shit.” Honestly, the nerve of this guy. Read more

Sep 12 2018

You don’t need to look in the owner’s manual. It’s very obvious if someone has the common sense to look at the interior. There’s a huge lever like the trunk/gas cap releases in Japanese cars by the seat with a symbol that can’t mean anything else.

Sep 12 2018

Holy shit it’s literally a handle with red paint and a picture depicting an exit from the car. This does not leave a lot of room for misunderstanding.