Jun 25

Although totally unintentional, I always like to believe that the hoodlines and the two tone on the Isetta make the resemblance of massive kidneys.

Jun 5

For me it’s the lower profile line down the side that doesn’t even tattempt to line up with the bumper cut, which it easily could. In fact, it would match the higher line of the car perfectly, and look more aggressive. Read more

Aug 11 2019

Sure, a base Delta is a completely different car than an Integrale (let alone an S4). But the Delta was a really good compact car when it came out. It brought new levels of refinement to that segment, handled well and had a design that held up quite well over time. Read more

May 25 2019

I think if I get a job in Toledo I just need to hide my XJ in your hoard and hopefully you’ll accidentally put it back together. 

Nov 11 2017

My brother had an 87, just a 2-door though. It died the most Canadian death ever. It got hit by a Zamboni right in the a-pillar.

Nov 3 2017

Jesus, Torchy. Your imaginary foreign vehicles are slipping through some kind of wormhole.

Aug 23 2017

I like the idea of him and May doing a show where they plan to strip down an engine and, by the end of the first season, they’ve almost picked the engine degreaser they’re going to use. But it’ll be the most insightful discussion on engine degreasers that television has ever seen.

Aug 7 2017

This is not the face of a Tesla-slayer. Really, it’s almost the face of a Sentra.