Guy Gotham
Sep 24

This is why I like flavored seltzers that focus on fruits that either have a sour/bitterness to them, or which are complemented by it (so, basically, fruit that I’d have added lemon juice to when making a compote). Read more

Dec 21 2019

Sooner or later, the micro USB port on every single phone I’ve ever had has broken.  A phone that should last a few years would have a Micro USB port that only lasted half that.  USB C ports are stronger.

Dec 20 2019

I’ve had one USB-C device ever – a Sony Xperia X – and the USB-C port broke within 6 months, making the phone was unchargeable. I’ve never had that happen to a microUSB phone. Read more

Nov 29 2019

Nah. This is the history of us white folk: "I'm not the likely person who will have this used against me so I'm okay with the abuse." 

Nov 29 2019

...Alright, typically I don’t comment on Giz, but I feel like this comment section is missing like...several points about why buying a Ring camera isn’t worth it if you think you’re improving your “security”. Chief among those being; Read more

Nov 29 2019

I am seriously taken aback by all the comments that minimize the alarm that we should all feel as a result of these serious encroachments on our privacy. By way of background not only am I am a prosecutor, but I’ve also recently had an iPhone (along with about $15 worth of change) stolen from my car, which was parked Read more

Nov 29 2019

Oh please. My father was a cop and admitted to looking up info about people (my siblings, mother, and I included) when not officially investigating. Cops do this shit for fun, and they’ll do it for whatever reason they want.

Oct 16 2019

Candidates can differentiate themselves with respective policies. Some want to dovetail climate mitigation and adaptation (cutting emissions and dealing with impacts) with a whole host of remedial measures to society’s ills. Some may want to address the problem like we were told to solve big problems in school (or at Read more

Oct 1 2019

thank god they are fixing the ending. the stand has a few key problems, such as people with magical powers that never get used in the story, major characters who show up and do nothing then die or don’t... but the ending is such an anti-climactic (literal) deus ex machina that makes no sense at all.

Sep 24 2019

So what if she is getting coached? The same things being said from a remote-controlled robot Koala bear would be just as true. 

Sep 24 2019

It’s about the future of humanity, specifically how much of one there will be and what quality of life those still around will end up having. The decisions being made in the next decade, by the people in power now, will impact the lives of tens (possibly hundreds) of billions of people and reverberate for the rest of Read more

Sep 24 2019

And the trolls in the thread (not going to ungrey them by responding) now say “we know all this, we get it, it’s nothing new” when they literally have been disputing and arguing about the facts up until a microsecond ago and they clearly don’t get it. Read more

Aug 30 2019

You just proved what Erick is sayng, and I’m not sure if you didn’t read or in some way you decided that this proves your own bias. The fact is that this research and this post is saying that in fact it is genetic, but it’s not dependent of one gen but many, in other words is polygenetic and from other research we Read more

Aug 29 2019

I can see this being used by ignorants as “see, I told you it was a choice!” . There should be some clarification as to there not being a “straight” gene.

Aug 22 2019

 No, he wants people who are LGBT to die. He wants rich people to get richer. 

May 22 2019

But while Jean’s physical absence is new, her narrative absence from the moment in favor of focusing on Xavier and Magneto’s dynamic is not. That, more than anything else, is what made The Last Stand’s take on the Dark Phoenix story so awful...”. Read more