Hoyo Afrika
Aug 29 2016

Also, if he’s not pressed (Calvin Klein that is), why would he be causing all this stress? I mean, if I was not interested in someone, I’d give them their due and keep it moving. You can be shady in how you acknowledge them but Calvin has no home training.

Aug 27 2016

I had a shirt made for Caribana that read: My name is not Lisa Swiper. I wish Lady Saw was my mother.

Aug 26 2016

Don’t have faith. Always question. Never retreat, unless it's Shemar Moore swinging his light skin dick in your face.

Aug 26 2016

I truly think it's because many of them were probably molested and therefore equate Chris Stokes bump bump bumping them with us out here twirling it out to RihRih.

Aug 26 2016

I like to think I'm a sage on the inside. They call them griots in Africa.

Aug 26 2016

The Read is pretty dope. They inform me about people I never even heard of before (stuck in Canadia without the urge to research current trends).