Berserk (2017) - Episode Seventeen

Hello there! It’s been a while, but I’m the last member of the Band of the Haken, bringing you all our recaps of Berserk. And while, I’ve been reading the manga ever so slowly, I’m still not caught up on the events of this storyline so you’re getting my raw reactions to everything! To start off, I like the OP a lot,…

The Spring 2017 Sequel Guide

Since the year 2013, a familiar question in the anime community keeps bringing brought up like clockwork. You could find them whenever one of these Sequel Guides was released. Or when our seasonal collaboration of what you should be watching. “Where is Attack on Titan Season 2?” “Attack on Titan when?” Well guess what…

AniTAY's Top Anime of 2016

Hello 2017! We barely made it. What, it’s been a few days already? Shhhh. AniTAY’s never really done a “Best of ___” as far as I know, mostly sticking to individual lists from our varied group of authors. I debated making one for myself, but thought it would be more fun to get as many author’s opinions that I could…


AniTAY Fall Fantasy League!

Well it took me longer than the week I said it would, but the last fantasy leagues of the year are now under way! Welcome to the final leagues of the year! To recap the year so far, the winners of Winter 2016 were Kinksy and Stanlick who punished Nomadic Dec and Shade with Dog x Scissors and Aria the Animation