Yesterday 4:54PM

They may still find a way to drive without a license, but the consequences will be more severe.” Read more

Yesterday 4:52PM

A problem I see is that driving without a license isn’t a big deal in far too many places. Read more

Yesterday 3:47PM

Dead, or stillborn? Viable hydrogen passenger cars are a pipe dream.

Yesterday 2:47PM

It’s a bummer because it was a unique and “futuristic” vehicle, but if I’m honest, I wasn’t ever going to buy it, so I don’t think I’m allowed to be upset.

Yesterday 2:42PM

A couple of semesters ago in the before times, I came to class wearing my Miata T-shirt I got as a gift. The guy next to me was like, “You like cars?” I was like yea!” I was excited to find someone who actually liked shitty 90s imports. Read more

Yesterday 1:43PM

You can’t turn in catalytic convertors for money where I live, they’re a financially useless thing to steal. As a result, I can’t recall the last time I heard someone had their catalytic convertor get stolen. It’s a pretty simple solution to the problem.

Yesterday 1:27PM

A firearm is easily kept hidden from view. A pick up truck with an open exhaust and lacking current government required stickers not so much.

Yesterday 1:07PM

Not really though. Most black market guns are either a) huge trafficking operations that aren’t really concerned about regulations, or b) sourced from breaking into someone’s house/car and stealing them and again, aren’t concerned about regulations. If you want to keep guns off the black market, stop leaving guns Read more

Yesterday 11:49AM

It is depressing, but I know people who’s lives would be ruined with a $3000 repair bill for the vehicle they use to survive. I get why someone might react this way because their basic life needs are being put in danger. I’m not condoning it, but I can understand why the truck owner was so upset. Read more

Yesterday 11:36AM

I’m not at all surprised to hear that a cat thief got shot, I’m not surprised to hear that a parolee had a gun he wasn’t supposed to, I’m shocked it took as long as this for someone to get shot for cat stealing and the whole dragging the body behind the truck is just nuts. I’d bet money that Campbell said his victim Read more

Yesterday 10:58AM

Lakewood is a giant meth head shit hole, like many towns in that area of Washington now. None of this is really surprising. Sad, but genuinely not surprising. 

Yesterday 10:23AM

Good thing the statistically probable 7 to 8 of them who were domestic abusers didn’t get prosecuted and have felonies.

Yesterday 10:20AM

A few years back 13 cops emptied 137 rounds into 2 people, even standing on the hood of their car and shooting into the car, stopping to reload during. None were convicted of anything. Sooo. Read more