Haha! What a c*nt, I’ll bet he de-badged it. Read more

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There are some really big electric boats. ;)

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There are some really big electric boats. ;)

Never knew of the bearing feature, nor that bars used to not last through a competition. Thanks. Read more

‘Relativity’ only guarantees what it predicts, which is different than saying it’s predictions apply everywhere and always. Read more

Adam, this is too stupid an idea to not bite. Goodyear is adjusting their G159-damned future. Gain brand recognition from 6 yo’s (of any age) everywhere, and stoke all the GMO crowd. NASA (for 6 yo’s of all ages) and Monsanto could both use some good PR, so I’m seeing consortium. Read more

Well, I recall that dyed farm gas that was cheaper due to tax relief. You’d have a rolling Moss Piglet farm, just do some creative paperwork. :) Read more

Moss Piglets (=Waterbear, Tardigrade). They could handle the g-forces no problem, and controllability is simple GMO. Kinja’d on the pic. :( Read more

Not sure whether the runner wouldn’t still get blamed for it, but it looked to me like the dog’s leap missed him and instead hit the curb. I can’t imagine how a person could inflict the (teeth) damage described, without a hard swing of a snipe or similar. Read more

Andrew, may I please be let out of the greys? Thanks. Read more

With the paywalls you’re facing, I suggest you fabricate to repair it. Read more

Wondering what you did for the oh-9, or was it that good right off the bat? Read more

Snob. And about a Datsun ffs. Read more

‘Z Sport sounds way better than ‘Z Performance Package. Read more

‘Z’ is a very sexy letter, which Nissan owns in the Car World. They are working something up to hang that letter off/on. Read more

Yeah, I can see top end equipment being replaced by topper stuff, but what issues prevent at least the carriage-set from downmarket duties? Down to Air BnB even. Read more

Rock? When did you become a geologist? That, my friend, is sand. Notice how the LF tire tread has lots more sand than the other three, then imagine a poor marketing intern scraping up said sand to hide the little wooden wedge/ramp they backed that wheel up onto. Probably took several takes, hence the ‘more sand’. Read more