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I expect it might be *extremely* enjoyable with the ability to watch it multiple times. I’m not sure yet, pandemic and all that. Read more

see i think for a nolan film it’s the least fun to talk about because it’s ultimately so straightforward (it is, without any real introspection or subversion, just a movie about a nameless guy saving the world). i hate interstellar but i at least have fun talking about how much i hate it.  Read more

But that is easier said than done, especially as bots still plague ticket sales. Read more

Captcha doesn’t really deter bots either. I know of a “company” that has somehow aggregated all of the captcha images. The bot simply goes through the images and matches them by the pixel and inputs the correct one in a second. This “company” typically goes after concert tickets, but has moved into the hardware game. Read more

I mean, why do Marvel and DC *ever* create horrifyingly evil supervillains, have them commit all kinds of atrocities, and then casually tell us they’re good guys now and have them join superhero teams or take up heroics...? Read more

I’ve never felt more moved coming out of a superhero movie than Black Panther on openng day. Boseman didn’t create T’Challa, but he made him totally believable as a character -- noble, compassionate, and brave -- and as a figure who could mean so much to so many people, not just lifelong comics fans. This  is Read more

Even bad actors have a point in some discussions. Read more

That’s splitting hairs. What percent of customers are aware of or able to use an alternative? Apple goes above and beyond to make you think the App Store is the only way (and frankly, the only legal way), even if this is not technically true. Just as users COULD get an Internet Explorer alternative on Windows, but Read more

he paints his relative inexperience as a key motivation for why he’s running for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th district.” Read more

His name is “Madison Cawthorn”....he was BORN as an Old White Guy
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From the few articles I bothered to read, he’s the kind of guy who cheats on his wife multiple times and films children in a public restroom. It doesn’t sound like the persona and the man himself are all that different.  Read more

It managed to be a surprise for people who don’t constantly update their news feed.  I for one was pleasantly surprised and happy for the PS4 players who were waiting for this.  Sorry if my happiness for them rains on your parade. Read more

What a fucking click-bait headline. I thought they’d finally blocked Trump. Read more

I’m past anxiety; I’m just getting angrier and angrier with every ignorant douchebag mewling about their ‘individual’ rights. Read more

I think it would be nice if we could get a list of everybody involved, and when they show up at the hospital with symptoms, tell them, “sorry, you’re responsible for your own medical decisions. Nobody would have even known you were sick if you hadn’t told us. Besides, more than 99% recover. Stay in your house.” Then Read more

The secondary impact from this pandemic will also never be known. Read more