Grim Griefer

The bad guys need to know that the police are watching and that you’re leaving a digital footprint everywhere you go. We will find you.” Read more

I feel like Congo should be in here somewhere. Read more

I love that you described a movie in the “worst” category as “mid”, which should literally by definition place it in “so-so”. Read more

What? No love for Richard Chamberlain?

Except replace Rachel Weisz. Read more

Just because one iconic character is, himself, an imitator, doesn’t mean that he can’t be successful enough to spawn even more imitators (who may or may not even know the original crop exists). Read more

...huh. Never thought about that before, but you know? I think you’re completely spot on. Even starts with an archaeological excavation and everything! Read more

How could you forget Sahara!!
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Where in the actual fuck is the Librarian (movie, tv movies, and series)?!  Read more

The old Universal and Hammer movies are straight-up horror. There are hardly any action-adventure elements. The 1999 Mummy and its sequel* owe more to ‘80s movies like Raiders and Ghostbusters. Read more

No Red Notice? It even has Nazis.
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Romancing the stone is missing also..... Read more

We don’t often agree, but when we do, it’s because someone has a dumber take than even the BOTH of us. Hard to believe, I know, but here we are. Read more

You would think that there would be a higher percentage for types of cancer that are nearly always fatal in the near term. Read more

Roughly 3% of American adults with cancer enroll in clinical trials (less in minorities) and that rate isn’t any higher for GBMF than any other.  There are roughly a hundred reasons for that. Read more

Given how lethal the cancer is, they might not have a hard time finding human research patients for it.
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It also took Allied commanders about a full year after they began regularly receiving Enigma derived intel to actually start trusting the intel since they were told that the source was “trust me bro” from HQ with unclear SIGINT or HUMINT origins. Read more

Wouldn’t Mon Mothma’s driver count as an embedded asset? Given that he’s the only one we see, it’s indi active that the Empire is more focused on challenges and threats to power from withing their structures (ie opposition Senators) rather than spontaneous rebellions /stochastic terrorism.  Read more

Didn’t they kill off Michael Pitt’s character on Boardwalk because he was a pain to work with? Read more