May 25 2014

That's good to hear. I'm glad you didn't have to "learn your lesson" (terrible phrasing) the hard way.

May 25 2014

I'm a super casual GTer, but I've seen a selfie of you, know where you live, your age and an approximation of your name. And that's off the top of my head with no nefarious plans. Please, please take care of yourself online. I know it's fun to fit in, but it's not worth risking your future.

May 24 2014

This is pretty much everyone right now

May 24 2014

Hey could you add this to your post so people know this is now super fucking serious. Read more

May 24 2014

(It's also for those of us who don't watch but want to continue having conversations with our friends. "Haha, you're right! Arya is a badass!")