(It's also for those of us who don't watch but want to continue having conversations with our friends. "Haha, you're right! Arya is a badass!")

Even though I just watched the video on a different site, I'm going to propose taking it down from Jezebel. It's already available from many other sources plus the text and additional info gets the point across without having to watch a mentally ill killer announce his plan and figure out the best "evil laugh." Read more

A few observations. I woke up this morning to this tragedy after having slept for about 4 hours. I proceeded to scrub through his videos and skim his online posts. A few things popped out at me: Read more

This face. It is the Jaden Smith face. The expression that says "I have no idea how insincere I look because I really have no self-awareness." Except maybe Jaden will grow out of it. Godspeed.

I'm fine with a little beef in my taint—I just don't like taint in my beef, AMIRITE LADIES!!?!?!?!?!?!!? [crumples to floor, face twisted in silent scream] Read more

I'm simultaneously amused by how silly this looks and disheartened that our standards are so out of control. If you're going to do this why involve a human model at all? Just draw Jessica Rabbit wearing your product. Read more

Photoshopping freaks me out

I thought the trick to losing belly fat was to read a bunch of HamNo fitness posts about how I'm doing everything wrong and instead focus on forearms. Read more

Kitteh approves.

Technically, it's missing hero cats and Tom Hiddleston. But I'm willing to let that slide. Read more

Potato skins, public shaming, good causes funded, right forward thinking in places (WV) we're used to hearing nightmares from. Read more

My old company is HUGE in that field. So I had to leave amicably. Meanwhile, they were racist and sexist, I was constantly dodging physical and verbal sexual harassment from the CEO (tiny company, so not easy), almost everyone in the company felt entitled to berate me if shit went wrong (which is a huge fucking Read more

She should glitter-bomb them! Read more