Yeah, stunts like this get praised as an example of good management, when actual good management would have been simply listening to the people doing the work. Read more

Rubbing alcohol is very versatile, cheap, and relatively safe to handle. Read more

There are a lot of variations on this, and YMMV. I don’t know you, and I don’t know your kids. I found the principle was not letting a negative behavior lead to a positive outcome as much as possible. This is a variation on that. For example: kids keep whining to get stuff because it keeps working. Read more

Exactly. I don’t run the car to warm it up. I run the car to defrost the windows so I can see (if it’s been parked outside). I don’t let it linger, but that takes longer than a minute if there’s actual ice and snow and not just frost. Read more

Sometimes the dealer terms are better. I shop with financing in hand from my credit union, but I let the dealer try to beat it if they can. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. Read more

Those are some solid suggestions. Read more

The only thing I hate more than voicemail is site with auto-play video. Read more

I don’t even set up voicemail on my phone.  That would give the false impression that I would ever check it. Read more

You’ve Been Playing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Wrong Your Whole Life Read more

I agree with you. Just comes down to who can prove what and who the jury believes more. If there’s a written contract, it would end the discussion pretty quick, but it kinda sounds to me like there isn’t one. Verbal agreements can be binding, but they can also be hard to prove. Read more

“Like” of a Facebook post is not legally binding Read more

ND. Not that it’s a bad car, per se, but I can only answer for me, and no price point will get me to fit into that thing. ;-/ Read more

Ha!  I definitely agree with that. Read more

He’s not a jerk for being unhappy that his order was wrong.  He’s a jerk for acting like a jerk. Read more

Definitely NP all day for what it is. Read more

This won’t change for the same reason anything else doesn’t change: someone can make more money doing it this way, and they will fight reason itself to continue doing so. Read more

Amen. I owned two of these in the 90s. Lived in the Midwest, including Chicago. Perfect little city car, especially in the snow. Read more

Yes. The Maybe Brakes were a big hit. So they might not stop you all way? Close counts! Read more

;-) See: “Take my comment with an appropriate load of salt.” I’m a cranky old guy who remembers when cars came standard with cigarette lighters but not seatbelts. I’m shouting at clouds over here. Read more