Greg Myers
Mar 4 2018

That scene where the government guys in spacesuits reach through the blinds scared to crap outta me. I’m still not comfortable around venetian blinds. The rest of the film was just a nightmare.

Dec 17 2015

Then you would have stumbled upon the hideout of Ziggy Stardust.

Sep 16 2015

Reward for best WTF Moment goes to... seriously I hope I see Freddie Prinze Jr. some day so i can flip him off and yell “Fuck You Bull!”.

Sep 15 2015

This had to have been a set-up comment right? I mean... really?

May 20 2015

I would say time manipulation. Travel’s great but pausing time, stretching it, rewinding and altering; terrible stuff.

Feb 12 2015

Bah! Drinking milk is an incredible evolutionary advantage, allowing us to gain nutrition from cattle and livestock without having to slaughter them and lower the breeding stock. Lean times became less lean and we became healthier. Lactose tolerance helped build civilization. So...

... Got Milk?

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Jan 24 2014

Mine is waking up on the street homeless with no memory of how I got there or how long it's been.

May 25 2012

Curt is also a die-hard Romney/Bush conservative. He donates and speaks at events. He's been a huge proponent of the "bootstraps" style of entrepreneurship. Yet here he is falling back on the Government to support his pitiful failure. But this won't phase him. He'll be up and running with his 1% buddies knocking Read more