Jul 30

Sounds like they should probably find a permanent replacement driver if Perez is dumb enough to do all that unnecessary traveling right now.

Jul 26

I think the Griffith is kinda an okay design. Still not sold on the front end but the side exhaust is a nice touch but it does not hold a candle to Sagaris. This is the best looking TVR ever. The Sagaris stunned me when I first saw it amd still does to this day.

Jul 23

Precisely. And also: if your lungs are already so bad that wearing a mask is “intolerable” to you, stay the fuck home while a deadly respiratory virus is running rampant through the country.

Jul 23

Also, pretty much no one is “physically unable to tolerate a mask”. With very, very, VERY few exceptions, those people are just being whiny assholes.

Jul 23

She believes the store is large enough—16,000 square feet—to allow for a few exceptions, like customers who claim they’re physically unable to tolerate a mask or workers who need a small break during or six- or eight-hour shifts as long as they keep their distance from other people. Read more

Jul 19

Obviously a modern 240z or z enspired car would be an amazing 370z replacement.

Jul 17

Especially as Forest Service no longer uses it.