There’s always, always, always a tweet.

I never could stand NDT, and it offends me that he’s considered the heir to the throne of Carl Sagan. Sagan was a constant advocate for science and was personable and empathetic. In contrast, Tyson is a pedant that thinks he’s the science pope. Read more

Yeah, with how dangerous cars can be, you’d think we’d make people register them, and get licenses to operate them, and prove they are competent to operate them, and even in a lot of states require inspections to ensure the cars are safe to be on the road. Read more

But part of the issue is that we take steps to prevent those other kind of deaths. Meanwhile, we do fuck all about guns. Read more

His apology tweet that he sent out was pretty garbage as well. Basically a ‘hey, if you fucks read better, this wouldn’t be that freaky to you. You just don’t get my nuance. Sorry you get so offended. Read more

Here I’ll be graphic for you for a second: I got fucked in my underwear this morning with little effort, and my husband was wearing his too! When I was raped a decade ago, I also had my underwear on. If you’re being serious, I don’t think you’re at all familiar with sex. Of course, you would just be here sowing doubt Read more

Yeah, but reporting can be fucking traumatic. Almost two years ago, I was raped, and I reported it. The responding officer took my statement, then told me to come down to the precinct to give a full statement to a female detective. I got there, and the female detective handed me off to a pair of guys, and they brought Read more

i don’t know if you wear it, but underwear is pretty easy to move out of the way. Read more

“forcing his fingers around my private area”

This certainly doesn’t sound like something that Donald J. Trump would tell Billy Bush that he definitely likes to do!  Read more

You just know it’s going to happen, because everything is awful.

Carroll sounds absolutely believable in both the context of her situation, the fallout, and the warnings folks gave her. I would not doubt her in the least, and I would carry that flag. Read more

And Rebecca was TEN. So now I’m both old and, like, really really OLD. Read more

You should have gone vampire while you had the chance.
Read more

Gizmodo traffic is soaring this morning because everyone’s calendar is free. Read more

*checks in on Glenn on twitter* Read more

Ghost is not dead, someone slowed down next weeks trailer and he’s there. 

I don’t accept it either. Not only is it decades too late, but we just went through a similar trauma with Kavanaugh and Biden couldn’t be bothered to say anything genuinely reflective or apologetic when it was back on the metaphorical FRONT page of people’s news again. Just no.  Read more

To be fair, Biden is quite hateable. Read more

Same here. And when Clarence Thomas was all, “I feel like I’m being lynched...” and the senators crumbled?  I was all, how dare you! Read more