Feb 15

I think that’s bit rough. It’s an opinion piece by someone who’s life was directly and negatively affected by this film.

Jan 27

Remember that episode of Day By Day where Ross fell asleep and dreamt he was in a Brady Bunch episode? Then Chris Barnes (Ross) went on to play Greg in the Brady Bunch movies. Read more

Dec 9

The problem with a lot of impressionists is that they often aren’t funny. It becomes a parlor trick without any material. Dana Carvey’s HW Bush and Ferrell’s W weren’t accurate, but they were funny. Rich Little and Frank Caliendo are skilled mimics but not funny. Bill Hader often managed both (his Alan Alda is a Read more

Oct 15

Scroll back up: he said he wasn’t in high school when it came out.

Oct 14

‘...Operation Christmas Drop, which is not, as its title would suggest, a Christmas-themed reboot of the Bill Murray classic...’ I’m assuming you’re referring to Operation Dumbo Drop here, which did not star Bill Murray. However, Bill Murray did later star in Larger than Life, which featured an elephant named Tai who

Oct 10

... and the guy who inspired Scarface barely registers.

Sep 15

I love the whole cast, but the trailer indicates it may be criminal underuse of Jessica Henwick.

Jul 14

Well, you gotta admit, It’s a unique journey that only about a hundred other modern comedians/comedy writers have experienced.

Jul 3

I have to disagree with this assessment, I watched a couple of episodes with my wife and son, and while the concept has a ton of potential, the execution screws it all up. The narrator is incessantly talking over the action, and the whole thing is edited to death. The audience ultimately don’t see that everyone is Read more

Jun 11

Yeah these are the two to remember him by. Both rock solid. Probably not an accident that they were with Adam McKay.

Apr 9

The best thing about Jingle All The Way is any time Robert Smigel would impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger on Conan and scream “JINGLE ALL THE WAY!”

Mar 5 2020

I know it’s derivative, but I enjoyed ‘The Force Awakens’, and I’m one of those people who liked ‘The Last Jedi’ a whole lot. But ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ will go down as one of the all-time cinematic bed-shittings in history.