GrannyShifter (don't judge my Hofmeister kink)
Sep 12

Particularly weird assumption since Bubba’s the Wallace who drove the BLM car. Read more

Sep 10

Nah, but it’s useful ammunition in our many attempts at getting shit done.

Sep 10

Things change. Imagine you had made a countercyclical investment and bought auto and tire stock in April. Then you would be confused and rich now. The best kind of confused.

Sep 9

I definitely can’t push them that far, but I’d argue Zack and Ari are several hundred levels of better rider than me. 

Sep 8

Hey, this is America. We can be stupid in LOTS of different ways at the same time!

Sep 5

Genuine questions.”

Sep 3

Few weeks ago I bought the sedan version for $800. W8, manual, 4Motion. Needs a couple odds and ends like sunroof glass and a new passenger door. The glass will be a junkyard run away and sourcing a black door and correct door card shouldn’t be too hard.

Sep 3

To the contrary, this is only viable if you wrench yourself, otherwise it’s a bankruptcy mobile. You have to buy this in full knowledge it is likely to be in pieces on your garage floor at some point. Read more

Sep 1

Oh yeah, and when you’re asleep in your bed and they murder you? And then protect the cops who pulled the trigger blindly. That’s the fucking problem.

Sep 1

Lesch and others blame opposition from the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association for killing his latest bill earlier this year. Read more

Aug 30

It’s funny how Republicans support the right of stores to not serve LGBTQ customers, but lose their shit when stores refuse to serve maskless motherfuckers like themselves.  I guess they don’t actually want unfettered capitalism where corporations can run dictate everything within their stores.

Aug 28

 Two dozen cars with this contact phone number appear on the by-owner side of Craigslist. Shaving off the rather thin disguise of the phone number leads to a dealership called SD GT Auto Boutique. Whether it’s the business as a whole or an enterprising individual salesman, I dunno; but either way, we are looking at a Read more

Aug 27

All the “people” in this thread are the same guy, right?

Aug 20

When Jeep’s first “Advantage” is heritage, my response is,

Aug 20

Obviously you just send some pictures of it to David Tracy and things will work themselves out.