Nov 13 2018

Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t cared too much about the increased complexity as the series has evolved. EV training, breeding, held items, nature’s... i like keeping it simple. Even if it means the game will be easy in this case, I’m still down for it.

Nov 1 2018

At this point I’d be happy if they’d just allow me to schedule (automate) grouping/ungrouping of speakers.  

Aug 30 2018

I know why they don’t offer custom watch faces, but also I think custom watch faces would make the Apple Watch feel less stale. I’ve had one since day 1 (which my dad is currently wearing) and it feels so similar to my current gen Apple Watch.

Jan 9 2018

I only experienced the Vive once with the original headset but I know exactly what you are talking about. That would be fixed with better balance and weight distribution, so hopefully the new headset takes that into consideration.

Jan 8 2018

Well, this one does have a new head set and built in headphones, so it is supposed to be ‘more comfortable’, although I’m betting there’s room for improvement. Weight is definitely a factor in comfort too.

Jan 8 2018

apparently HMD upgrade option available in Q1, buying the new vive with the full package will just be available ‘eventually’

Jan 8 2018

Just bought one for Christmas - I’ve been expecting this announcement since then.

Jan 5 2018

I wear Brooks running shoes only because of my big, flat feet (size 14). The past three times I’ve bought running shoe, the skinny, three-marathons-a-week shoe salesman always ends up bringing out the Brooks’ “Beast.” They weigh a fucking ton but I guess I need them. Read more

Dec 18 2017

Organized sports has decided (or at least pretended to), that being a bad sport will get you punished, no matter how skilled you are. Read more

Dec 8 2017

If there can be like 6 new unnecessary Star Wars, Jurassic Parks and whatever the fuck else. There can be a 2nd season of this feminist power house.

Dec 8 2017

The only reason why I’m down with this second season is they got Andrea Arnold to direct so the show will be seen through a women-led lens (sans David Kelly’s involvement).

Dec 7 2017

Minnesota is historically a blue state with an active liberal base Read more

Nov 30 2017

I think people focus too narrowly on that scene. She doesn’t save humanity because she loves Steve Trevor. The whole time, Ares has been trying to tell her that humanity is worthless and cruel, and then in that moment, she looks around and sees these misfits, outcast from society, fighting to save the very people who Read more

Nov 30 2017

Yeah, I’m totally fine with these. Smaller connected story arcs have a pretty great history in Marvel comics, so I don’t really see what the issue (hur hur) is here.

Nov 30 2017

Exactly. These are all limited series, a storyline in Avengers, single issues, or a story that has been announced without a book attached. Not one is an “event” in the vein of Civil War, Secret Empire, or what have you. Read more

Nov 30 2017

...none of these are major crossovers? All are 4 titles or less, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the 25-ish comprehensive ones they’ve sworn off of for now. The first few months of Rebirth prove how boring an absolutely zero-crossover stint can get, so I’m damn happy we’re getting what we are. Read more

Nov 29 2017

Please remove the in-line autoplay video from these articles. If I wanted to watch a video, I would go to the video section. If it was an advertisement, I could probably overlook it. But this just seems to serve the need to artificially inflate video analytics. Don’t do that shit...

Nov 28 2017

The game for people who like killing chains of tiny crabs for six hours to level up once.