Jan 26 2014

A grown-up! I've raised children, I sure as heck aren't attracted to them. Give me a grown-up man every time.

Jan 5 2014

I don't wear plus sizes but I am ALWAYS wandering into the maternity section at Target and finding cute stuff before I realize where I am.

Dec 10 2013

Coming from a guy who used to be a 22-year old fuck-head opiate addict, this is pretty spot on. Being a risk taker does not equal becoming addicted to drugs. Sure I took/take more risks that the average "square" person but drugs are drugs dude and opiates are the worst to take a risk on. Hunter S. Thomson douche's Read more

Dec 3 2013

Maybe the video is supposed to represent the level of comfort Muslim women have in the US, and their ability to assimilate in our culture. In one of my classes called "Islam and the West" we interestingly enough read a bit about the ease at which Muslims feel they can assimilate into US culture, as opposed to, say, Read more

Dec 2 2013

I have to disagree. It would make perfect statistical sense for blacks to account for the bulk of the searches for "ebony," and for "ebony" to be one of the most common search terms, despite the fact that blacks are a minority. Here's how. Let's assume that people prefer to watch porn that features members of their Read more

Dec 1 2013

Fucking 1% getting their way again. Since they can come 2 minutes faster, they have more time to steal my money and give it to Wall Street bankers.

Nov 27 2013

I figured that Thanksgiving, like Christmas, is just an appropriation of an ancient pagan holiday (harvest feast or something. I don't actually know which pagan holiday. it's just what I assumed). Read more

Nov 27 2013

I worked retail for at least a decade overall. My favorite was when people would complain to me about "having to shop" on whatever holiday it was.

Nov 26 2013

Call them the Washington Rednecks. All you change is the feathers on the logo to a camouflage trucker cap. Plus, it actually fits a large demographic of Washington football fans.

Nov 25 2013

No. The Minstrel shows happened all over Europe. There was a TV show on in the UK well into the 70's called The Black and White Minstrel Show. Blackface is racist, she knows this or is incredibly ignorant even though she is French.

Nov 3 2013

OK I made two different batches. One batch was with an Imperial Black Ale that is very close to a porter and the other with an imperial pumpkin ale. I couldn't find the Belgian style I was looking for (I live in the sticks) so I did the pump.