Jun 25

I think there’s a huge amount of truth to the “map game” concept here, and it goes some way to explaining why I so rarely complete these vast open world games that I initially fall in love with. I end up getting distracted and caught up in the minutae of side quests and exploration, but by the time I’m ready to return Read more

Mar 16

In a case of “no, really, I wish I were funny enough to make this up,” Marco Rubio sent a follow-up tweet saying that he meant to say MARITAL law.

Feb 26

I knew if I waited just a short 15 years I’d eventually be able to play Shadow of Colossus for free.

Dec 27

It’s quite possible that I've only had the thimg for a day amd was trying to use the built-in Nintendo store.... Which basically sucks. 

Dec 11

Hey folks! Please use the comments to talk about the games you like and the ones you wish got more attention this decade!

Please do not use them to shit on other people’s suggestions or to bitch about the list. Kay, thanks!

Nov 25

Literally the only reason I couldn’t say with 100% certainty that Overwatch was the superior game was because Battleborn had great PvE year round. Now with Overwatch 2 coming out... It’s a shame though. Battleborn was pretty great for what it was and it’s a shame it got completely overshadowed.

Nov 18

Maybe I’m weird, but I *always* save manually before ending any play session, even if I’d just seen an autosave animation in the corner. I also sort of enjoy the ritual of “starting up” a game for real whenever I next sit down to play - seeing the title screen, etc. - so I often manually kill games after manually Read more

Nov 13

As far as im concerned, the Uncharted movie already came out Starring Nathan Fillion and anyone cast in this new one is wrong and i hate it.

Oct 23

Part of me wants to ask “what the fuck makes dudes like this think shit like this is okay?”

The rest of me understands: “Entitlement. Entitlement, and a culture that has been content until just recently to say ‘boys will be boys.’”

Thank god the second part of that appears to be experiencing some pushback, at least. Read more

Jan 18 2018

I worked in the service industry for 10+ years, often at understaffed restaurants. I appreciate the stacking of plates, often it meant the customers saw how hard I was working and were making an attempt to make my job easier. I often do it myself when dining in busy restaurants. Very minor thing to bitch about Read more

Jan 18 2018

Sorry, I’m going to continue stacking plates wherever there’s too much plate and too little table. Read more

Jan 18 2018

Agree with this 100%. I’m not stacking plates because I’m impatient or trying to help out. When there’s annoying cardboard ads, ziosk tablets, and an assload of plates crammed onto a tiny table, something’s gotta give.

If I’m at someplace nice, I leave the plates alone. If I’m at some chain restaurant that insists on Read more