Go Iceland Car Rental
11:12 AM

Fantastic shot. Love the light HDR effect from the interior of the plane. Good job! Here are detailed instructions how to go there! Read more

8:28 AM

A very informative article and stunning shots too. How is that Range Rover to drive? We don’t have one...dammit...lol. We also wrote an article about driving in snow here in Iceland, much smaller but there might be one or two things that is good to know on top of your article. Safe travels! Read more

9:00 AM

What a riveting story. Should have been a book. Glad you made it through. This is very well put “An important lesson that we learned along the way: It doesn’t matter how good your waterproof fabric technology is, if it breathes, it will wet out eventually.”. So true. Brilliant shots too. Going to repost this article Read more