Gogo Watusi

Correction, you did NOT misread my comment. I mistyped it. Should have written “who believed in propaganda against Vietnam” and would edit the comment if I could. Apologies. Read more

John Lewis is *definitely* smirking. i don’t think Hendrix was smirking though, and he could smirk like a motherfucker. Read more

For the 11th in that list here’s hoping they’ve almost got the screenplay written for “trump: American traitor” (mel gibson could really sink his teeth into that role)
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It would be like a Christian worshipping Satan. Read more

if you stop doing pranayama, you’re a suppressive person that should be tricked to, lied to, and destroyed.
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Hot yoga’s not cheap, but at least the instructor doesn’t stalk you if you stop showing up. Read more

Don’t clean yellow pillows, replace them. They’re pillows. Don’t be gross. Read more

Okay so she is loving this, now she gets photographed while Will becomes a pariah. Read more

Almost every single time Tiffany Haddish opens her mouth, it makes me sad.
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The only possible happy-ish outcome of this is if Putin and all his cronies end up in jail for war crimes and an actual free election is held to replace him. Read more

No they cannot. On the surface, the ability to render an aircraft unflyable via an OTA update is terrifying. Imagine that happening on accident or on purpose at 500 mph and 36,000 feet.

But they can and have been cutoff from any access to maintenance records and updated maintenance manuals which is what effectively Read more

Blah, blah, blah. The planes need incredible maintenance. They need parts. No access to parts means existing planes will be cannibalized so fewer and fewer maintained planes can keep flying. Within three years, I bet none of those planes will be capable of safely flying—which means for the next 10 years, Russian passen Read more

But none of them would have joked about Jada’s hair in the first place so... Read more

lol, i don’t think it’s “petty” to press charges against some lunatic who just runs around slapping the shit out of random people! Read more

Yeah, I got like five different instances of whiplash from Smith’s behavior, and that was just as scary as the assault. That he could swing so wildly from controlled to raged out to controlled again was scary. Going out to a party afterwards and acting like nothing happened, that’s some psycho shit right there.  Read more

He didn’t ‘go after her’, he made a corny joke about her that Will thought was funny enough until her saw his wife’s reaction *then* decided to be a ‘hero’. Thank god The Root and Black twitter are having none of Will’s BS but Jezebel is too afraid to call him out. Read more

The normalization of this is twisted and insane. Read more

Answer to your first question is yes. Fat ass has a history of such things Read more

So once these ships are seized... what happens to them? How many other folks can afford a $700 million boat? I assume they just rot away somewhere costing huge amounts of storage fees. Seems like a waste. I mean, I’m all for seizing them. Maybe use them for target practice.  Read more