GrandMaster Shaft
Jun 13 2017

I’m highly disappointed that this is a reboot instead of a sequel, because I was really looking forward to all the sequel titles we could have gotten: Read more

Jun 13 2017

The premise of this was always silly - the heart (temporarily) stopping doesn’t indicate death in the era of CPR anymore than stopping breathing. But I suppose they didn’t use that because of the more obvious absurdity of “five medical students hold their breaths for a really long time to see what happens when they Read more

Feb 12 2016

Can we, like, maybe crowd source a TV show out of this? I would totally watch a TV series about an secret African astronaut who was sent to a secret Space Station in the 90s, but because of various political and conspiracy issues is left up there for a decade or two. Really, it pretty much writes itself. It’s got bad Read more

Feb 12 2016

I could see the Bundy/militia/chemtrails/black helicopter crowd falling for this. I mean, the existence of Infowars alone speaks to the number of people who would buy this kind of story. The whole premise of this basic scam is that you only a need handful of suckers to make it work.

Feb 12 2016

I guess Abacha Tunde is just gonna have to science the shit out of this.