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The dealer I bought my PHEV hadn’t a fucking clue how it worked. I went in knowing what I wanted, just wanted to sit behind the wheel to see how it felt, and the sweaty bastard completely failed to make an attempt at selling me on it. The car did all the work. Had I not known exactly what I wanted, and everything Read more

2 hrs ago

People talk like GM could have just stepped away from the EV-1 and let people hang on to them, but legally they were on the hook for parts for a number of years. Not to mention the possibility of recalls. So from a business perspective there are non-conspiratorial reasons for wanting them off the road.

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I fondly recall the days when these sorts of brain farts were dropped silently and almost harmlessly in subscription based print media that almost no-one knew existed and even fewer knew how to find.

1:55 PM

Im just always curious how people split their definitions for this stuff. It feels exactly like the “is it a sandwich?” Thing. Read more

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Have one, can confirm. It is a superb piece of engineer and possibly the perfect commuter car. A Gen 3 Volt with a tad more range and better ICE efficiency would have been great. Read more

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2 realize the phone in your pocket is essentially a Palm Pilot with a phone app, right?

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I have know multiple people who loved them so much, they owned multiple Volts.

Between Raph throwing out the random shade on Volts to totally ignoring Bolts, I’m not sure what to make of it other than he had a narrative to push and needed a lead in, facts and truth be darned.

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There will be a tipping point where the combination of battery capacity and charging rate will come close to the current situation we enjoy with petrol and ICE cars. (500 miles with a 5-7 minute recharge?)  Once that is reached, it’s only a matter of infrastructure build out.

11:47 AM

The Prime and Rav4 Prime to this day still only have about 50% of the range of the now 10+ year old first generation Volt. Because Toyota is far more conservative with their EV drivetrains and battery tech for whatever reason.  The Voltec platform was an expensive one with small profit margins. To my understanding the Read more

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They make money on service for the most part, and EVs require way less servicing.  Stuff breaks, but not nearly at the rate of an ICE vehicle and there is far less routine maintenance required.
Read more

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Gen 2 Volt owner here. I wish the interior had better quality materials, but GM is gonna GM. Otherwise, the car has been awesome. I’m at about ⅔ electric miles and ⅓ ICE miles on the ODO. As a gap PHEV until decent charging infrastructure is out there, it’s still the best there is (the Prius Prime and Honda Clarity Read more

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Absolutely. I own one and it is a great car. I have a 50 mile round-trip commute and fill my tank about once every couple of months. It would be even less if I sprang for the more expensive charger set-up.

10:54 AM

The EV-1 while novel at the time was nowhere near suitable for production on a large scale back then. The battery tech wasn’t sufficient to draw sales from traditional vehicles and there was little utility on it on top of what would have been a huge price. Leasing price was over 350 a month back in the 90s. Read more

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Why are we supposed to be mad about GM attempting to electrify a notoriously less efficient portion of the automotive landscape again? Because replacing a 12mpg van driving 250 miles a day won’t involve a car attractive to people driving a CUV 40 miles per day at 28mpg? Read more