gmctavish needs more space
Sep 4
I’ve mended something

My right side rear turn signal and brake light haven’t been working. I changed the bulbs, I changed the flasher

Aug 29
Test Drive Woes

I’m trying to test drive several vehicles, since I’m heavily considering buying a new or near new vehicle, but I’m

Aug 25
More camping has happened

I think it’s time to invest in a couple collapsible shelters. I also want a hard shell roof top tent now. Wet ground

Aug 4
Camping Photos Part 1

Well it’s been more than a day or two. Here’s the film photos that turned out decent from a camping trip I went on a

Jul 26
Joop Content

Just got back from a camping trip, I’ll do a better post later tomorrow or something but I just thought I’d show you

Jul 22
I tried fixing the TV

I opened up my TV, and my dads, since it’s been lying around since it died a couple years ago. The internet leads me

Jul 13
Yes Please

I’ll take a base model 2 door with the 2.3, 7 speed manual, high-clearance suspension, and front and rear lockers.