Nov 11

Ideally (to me) this turns into mostly induction cooktops being installed, because they’re significantly more energy efficient than both gas and electric stoves. Not to mention much safer for curious children!

Sep 23

Biggest problem with passenger rail in the US: freight companies own the rails.  Amtrak has to yield to BNSF, et. al., when it comes to scheduling.

Sep 23

Also, are we going to ignore that he confirmed that his bake had only worked 1 out of 10 times in practice?!?! At that point, chose a different recipe!!!

Sep 22

I really have a problem with people who piss on their food before serving, in competitions or otherwise. Don’t tell people how awful something is before you expect them to judge you on it. That’s what irritated the hell out of me with Ruby Tandoe, she did it constantly, while also putting out really good food.

Sep 19

Gotta at least give this guy credit for being self-aware enough to realize the story makes it him seem like a goober and yet to post it anyway.

I do hope he actually apologized when he found out he was wrong though. 

Sep 19

The alcohol thing is an interesting comparison to me. I’ve always found it strange. Thousands of innocent people are killed by drunk drivers every year, a number at least comparable to the number of gun related killings of “innocent” people. 88,000 people die directly because of alcohol annually. That is almost twice Read more

Sep 19

Man I can’t wait to see the DSCC come after him with all the fury they bring against all of the AOC style challengers. I wonder who he’ll use since they’re going to freeze out any vendors or consultants who help primary Democrats. Because they're certainly going to do that here, and it's totally not just something to Read more

Sep 16

Furry fandom does overlap with anime and Disney fandom, so there is bound to be some style overlap, and anime does seem to be the default art style for all fandoms lately.

Sep 12

I was kind of thinking Helena would end up being more of an Ugne—trying crazy enough things that sometimes she knocks it out of the park, but other times it crashes down around her. Read more

Sep 11

Disqualifying a swimmer, an athlete, for something that happens to damn near everyone in a pool means they were staring at this girl’s butt and decided to “put her in her place,” all while likely enjoying what they saw. Read more

Sep 9

Oh man, I scrolled all the way down expecting the B-Wing to be 2. What the fuck?

Sep 9

Next, I wanna see the FDA crack down on advertising for e-cigs. I see these ads on TV all the time and they just irk me. It gives me flashbacks of the Joe Camel billboard that used to overlook downtown Baltimore when I was a kid.