Sep 29

At this point io9 is hoping so hard something bad will happen.

Jun 3 2019

despite the current news trend, Beyoncé is just human - not a deity, not the sun, not the center of the universe. Not everything has to gravitate around her.

May 2 2019

Larry David can’t erase the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert, so good luck re-casting Jeff Tweedy...

Apr 17 2019

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Mar 30 2019

This is a tired comment. The Stones have never had a farewell tour. They’ve been very clear they want to continue as long as they can. They also still perform at an incredibly high level, and can hold their own with any other performer, young or old. 

Mar 14 2019

Blade Runner’s universe is depicted as a dystopia. Do you really think there would be gender equality?

Feb 24 2019

It wasn’t made by Disney though. Like, at all. It was produced by Columbia and Sony Animation, and distributed by Sony. Marvel Entertainment got an “in association with” production credit simply because Spider-man is a Marvel character, but they had nothing to do with the production of the movie itself. Unless you Read more

Feb 24 2019

Well your notes are wrong then since it was produced and distributed by Sony. Since it’s not part of the MCU, Marvel Studios wasn’t really involved in this movie like it was with Homecoming.

Jan 16 2019

The Last Jedi is terrific? Rian Johnson is brilliant? Wow Jesse, can’t really take you seriously anymore. do yourself a favour and watch Mauler’s excellent and thoroughly calm and deep analysis of the film and see if you fell the same way after that.
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Jan 6 2019

There’s not really a way to know from the title of the article that it is just going to be a bunch of weird and silly shit-talk. I agree with Thewalkingdude. I remember a time where this site wasn’t quite so... Gawker-esque... and was more about positivity within the genre, rather than pointless negativity that serves Read more

Jan 3 2019

Not soon enough. The actor who plays felicity is such a bad actor that I can barely watch anything she is in. (not that I am a great actor either).