Geoff Manaugh
May 14 2014

The book Vice by John R. Baker is actually an incredibly interesting history of the Compton Police Department, documenting at least two significant demographic shifts in the city, and depicting the rise of some of the region's most famous gangs. I think it's safe to say you have to like—or have the patience for—cop Read more

May 4 2014

This is awesome—thanks for the heads up. It'd be fun to talk to Lori for Gizmodo, if you think she'd be interested.

May 3 2014

Considering that winter seemed to end here in New York City only a few days ago, no amount of winter sports footage will make me pine for colder days ahead! Cool vid, though.

Apr 28 2014

And just imagine how quickly our bridges, interstates, and freeways would all fall into bankruptcy without endless federal subsidizing, just part of our government's neverending spending on cars that absolutely dwarfs anything ever invested in Amtrak.