Nov 18

SURPRISE it’s a marketing gimmick and this is an ARG that eventually unlocks the newest Porygon evolution.

Aug 6 2019

I said everything I needed or wanted to say about the entitlement that informs EGS rage (and no, I’m not an EGS fan—but come the fuck on) in the previous story on Ooblets.

The only thing I feel a need to add at this point is: if a person’s argument in defense of issuing death threats/sexist epithets/mocked-up photos Read more

Jul 15 2019

What you’re noticing there is what the “Ethics in Games Journalism” crowd never could figure out, and that is something called a ‘separation of departments.’ 

See, to avoid conflicts of interests where the advertising team and their deals can influence the editorial staff’s writing, or where the writers can influence Read more

Jul 3 2019

Not going to lie, adding female knights to a medieval combat games seems A LOT closer to adding an eastern sword style than a Gundam in your analogy....  Read more

Jun 17 2019

honestly you end up getting so many weapons that I was annoyed my weapons weren’t breaking fast enough

May 2 2019

I disagree. Everything is political, because politics is about our society, and who it’s for. When people say they don’t want to bring politics into something, what they are really saying is that they want to maintain society’s status quo and pretend anything that is “other” doesn’t exist, or is too indecent to be Read more

Apr 16 2019

I always hate this topic because too many of the people I tend to side with on the subject are.... not great. Read more

Mar 29 2019

Damn, that's almost three whole Manaforts!  

Oct 10 2018

This post generated a lot of feedback, including a lot of frustration and anger with Ubisoft from some people who just resent the idea of microtransactions in any $60 game. I get that and tried to acknowledge that sentiment in my piece. Read more

Oct 10 2018

To make your own designs like these guys, yes, although you’d still need the game to do all the cool interactive stuff. The reason you buy from Nintendo normally is because the game comes with interactive instructions that teach you how to build the stuff, and then a bunch of games and activities you can do with that Read more

Oct 2 2018

Can we please stop adding gate to things. Watergate was the name of the hotel, not Nixon having an issue with water lol

Aug 31 2018

As much as I sympathize with the victims of the shooting, I dunno if it’s fair to hold anyone accountable for the gunner. Sans our useless politicians who prevent meaningful prevention of this shit. 

My biggest thought on all of this is the chilling repercussions this is going to have on the smaller esports scenes Read more

Aug 31 2018

“failed to provide a safe and secure environment” for the participants, among other complaints. Read more