Fookin' Prawns
Jul 3 2019

This is especially egregious since MLB has added that rectangle target right there above the plate.

Apr 8 2019

It’s telling that a review about Fortnite spends so much time not on the game itself, but the culture that surrounds Fortnite. Read more

Mar 27 2019

The line between Elon Musk and LaVar Ball grows blurrier by the day.

Mar 26 2019

If you have been around cars for any length of time, and don’t have a love/hate relationship with them, I’m not sure you can really claim any Jalop heritage. Read more

Mar 25 2019

On a train it’s the mile long club

Mar 25 2019

“There’s less rules than on planes, and nobody gets dragged off through the aisle like on a plane. People have more time to go nuts and do crazy things.” Read more

Mar 21 2019

Remember when Spotify used to let you preview songs in-app when you pressed and held down on a song title? And then when they took it away for no reason (like they do with other useful features)? Read more