It’s not really about deaths at amusement parks. It’s about park history.
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The YouTube channel Fascinating Horror has covered several of these amusement park incidents.  Read more

They could pass a national law guaranteeing women’s reproductive rights, and include a provision barring the Supreme Court from striking it down. That’s actually happened before - after the Civil War, the legislature literally stripped the Court’s jurisdiction on a case in Ex Part McArdle Read more

Yup. I’m tired of this country’s perverted notion of “freedom” basically screwing over anyone who isn’t white or rich. The vaccine needs to be mandated, at least to participate in any social activities... Read more

I live in Florida and I have several family members on both sides like that. The most pressing concern is my brother-in-law, who works in the customer service industry. But he’s still convinced that the vaccines were “rushed out” and haven’t been “tested enough.” My other brother in law, who is practically homeless at Read more

Many doctors are wonderful. The ones I have a problem with are the ones who look at me with my complicated history and tell me I’m lying about the pain and trying to get drugs, conveniently ignoring that I told them at the beginning of the appointment that I don’t want or need drugs because I’m working with a pain Read more

Look for Wacoal on Zulily (or Nordstrom Rack, etc.). Comfortable even though they seem to have discontinued my fave. (I’m a 38DDD) Read more Read more

I’ve been here too long... they used to pay Hugo Schwyzer Read more

The comment about “Woody Allen the steamroller” (as opposed to the public image of Allen as a neurotic) reminds me of how Orson Welles absolutely pegged him for what he always was decades ago. Read more

I’m pretty tolerant to vaccines, but this one was slightly different. I had a low-grade fever (98.8) the next day and have been a bit achy and fatigued. Not really anything horrible. We’ll see what happens with the second dose. Read more

The best English class I had in high school was in 10th grade when our teacher spent the first half of the year covering the mandated curriculum and the second half having us read books and talk about them. We read Jurassic Park, The Once and Future King, After the First Death, Out of the Silent Planet, and a bunch of Read more

I wondered if they were going to have Vanya be trans or have Elliott keep playing a character that presents as a woman. I sincerely hope that whatever decision is made, it includes him and is something he is comfortable with.  Read more

You, sir, have fallen deep into the sar-chasm. Read more

Thank you, I’m proud of that one.  Please feel free to use it at every opportunity with my blessing and consent. Read more

Great. Now I’ll associate articles about how awful Trump is with adorable kittens.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today,Rush!
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Ellen deserves all the bouquets for being a pioneer, for opening doors for gays, for her hard work, talent and perseverance in making it in Hollywood. Read more

The better question is why would you vote for a grown ass adult who hasn’t figured out libertarianism is nothing more than a selfish fantasy. Read more