Jun 17

I rember when I built a PC with my dad in like 1996 or so and he explained to me how one drive was the master, and the other was the SLAVE. I was pretty weirded out by that then, so I am glad we’re finally dealing with this... Read more

May 27

Check for yourself, just look for “thatoneprivacysite”. Read more

Check for yourself, just look for “thatoneprivacysite”.

Nov 22

Focuses on controller IO? He listed TWO things, one was controller upload related latency, and the other was video download related latency; it was 50/50. Read more

Oct 28

I kinda wish you put more emphasis on how, say, Blu-Rays contain video & audio at MUCH higher bitrates than any streaming service, or how you can rip WAVs and make FLAC/AIF files from CDs, whereas AAC files from Apple are lower quality. (And MP3s have been outdated for multiple decades) Read more

Nov 7 2016

Going through the replies I felt like I was reading an anti-piracy vs pro-piracy “debate”. Read more