Jul 8

I know that people love to be gatekeepers with respect to manual transmissions, but how long can we keep making this argument when the base 911, Corvette, etc are no longer offered with a manual. Should hot hatches really be held to a higher standard than true sports cars?  A manual enhances certain experiences but Read more

Jun 30

Being first in abortions means being first in unwanted pregnancies. Being first in unwanted pregnancies means either a lack of proper education or a lack of reasonable availability of contraceptives. Or both. Read more

May 30

This is why I drive old stuff, you can tell what it is.

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May 15

Can someone please show me a pic of a RWD, V-8 powered Acura Legend or RL? By my reckoning, there has never been such an animal. All Legends and RL’s have been FWD and V-6 powered. The 2nd gen Legend looked RWD and had a longitudinal V-6, but no V-8.

Apr 30

Here’s the thing genius, in a pandemic situation, individual choice means fuck all because you will get other people killed.

Apr 15

The Barcelona “ban” allows delivery trucks and residential traffic.

Mar 31

What? How can this be? Kristen, you are one of the most original, gifted, and wealthy writers for Jalopnik, or any car or other site, anwhere, period. Don’t go, BUY the damned site! Read more

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