Wow, thanks so much, I’ve been checking back every day for a reply to my message and just today thought to check the rest of the reply threads....and here it is! Super appreciate it (no wonder your recipe is so awesome - look at that ingredient list!). Will try this as soon as I can. Thanks again.
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Does anyone have an opinion as to how this compares to GIMP, which is free and highly recommended? Thanks! Read more

All i got was a bunch of gobbledy gook code. Is it because I'm a mac? <-clueless Read more

same here. Only transunion. Read more

Dave, this is my first time posting to LifeHacker, have no idea how this works. Tried to edit my previous 2 entries, not having any luck. If you could please delete, and if it suits you, publish this one instead, I'd appreciate it. Read more

Duh. Google search on "whole body donation" displays tons of options. Also, wiki entry includes a little more background info about body donations and a new bill that might assign DHHS responsibility for overseeing the donation industry. Read more

Do you know if this is the only such service available, or are there others to choose from? I've long wanted to donate my body to science (organs for use by people who need them, rest of body for cadaver class in med school / whatever other research) but I always assumed that the org would sound more "official" or Read more