Georgia Blythe
4:56 PM

Thanks! He’s already agreed in theory to all of the paperwork, he just hasn’t been around on a day when we could find a notary (he’s a long distance truck driver). He has to be back in town on a Monday in a few weeks, so he’s committed to signing everything then.

4:52 PM

Thank you! It was very hard, and scary, and icky, but having done it is such a weight off!

4:46 PM

It’s been going about as well as I think it could have gone. He tried some emotionally manipulative shit in a last ditch effort, but because I had been thinking and planning for so long, it didn’t make a dent. I knew what I wanted and once my mind was made up, that was that. There weren’t any arguments about who got Read more

9:28 AM

We did not fucking vote these people into office. Stacey Abrams had the governorship stolen from her through sustained, coordinated voter suppression efforts. Read more

12:30 PM

The sweet sugar face on the left is Ellie. I adopted her in 2006, while I was still in grad school. It was just the two of us for a long time.

10:20 AM

The best thing I ever found was a cotton-blend compression tank top. It basically takes the sports bra compression all the way down past my belly to keep it from bouncing around. Even the highest-waisted tights roll down to below the belly, but I never work out without my undershirt. I’ve had it for years, but let me Read more

10:45 AM

Super late to this, but I’m still around. Mostly just reading. Finally sucked it up and told my husband I want a divorce after too many years of pretending things were ok or were going to get better.

3:33 PM

I have been on Lexapro for a few years now and it’s been great for me. It doesn’t make me not have anxiety, but it makes me able to take a step back and recognize it for what it is.

12:22 PM

Ellie, Layla, and Charlie are not quite sure what all the excitement is about, but they will try to look at the camera for a treat.

4:06 PM

I one-starred a driver on Lyft after he drove the wrong way down a one-way and I got a follow-up text from someone at Lyft that I was being refunded, would not be matched with that driver again, and offering a phone call if I wanted to provide a more detailed complaint.

10:34 AM

I resisted going on anti-anxiety meds for the longest times, until one day I ended up in my GP’s office just sobbing. I’ve been on Lexapro for a few years now and it’s been amazing. I think the biggest thing it let me do was step back and realize that my anxious thoughts were just anxious thoughts and I didn’t have to Read more

9:54 AM

OMG I have to try that! I am trying low-ish carb, but I already adore roasted broccoli - how much better with cheesy goodness!

9:36 AM

Not a project, but I get to meet my brand new niece this weekend! She was a week old yesterday :)

10:34 AM

Please tell me more about this cyst-busting system!! Every few months I get a horrible one on my chin that hurts and then leaves a mark for what feels like forever!