2/22/20 2:00PM

These violent delights have violent ends..

5/20/19 5:22AM

So, Bran basically manipulated everyone into making him king. Dude is all-knowing, he knew how things would play out as soon as he found out that Jon was a Targaryen, and he knew what would happen if he told him. That’s... well a way to play the game of thrones. But, all the dead are, ultimately, Bran’s fault. He’s Read more

5/20/19 12:50AM

But why did no one see him do it? If Daenerys was so “mad” and paranoid, why would she ever allow herself to be alone with Jon? It makes no sense at all. They disarmed him before he talked to a prisoner that was sentenced to death, but leave him alone and fully armed around the queen who thinks everyone is now her Read more

5/20/19 12:20AM

Jon is obviously king of the freefolk now. The king of the True North.

5/19/19 11:41PM

Indeed. And Bron understands how tariffs work.

5/19/19 11:24PM

I was prepared to go on a rant of dissatisfaction, however Ghost got petted.  I therefore forgive everything.

5/19/19 10:51PM

Turns out there’s nothing West of Westeros and Arya Stark is just going to circumnavigate the globe and just ends up at the East of Essos

5/19/19 10:48PM

Well, better than the screen getting all wavy and we see a top down view of Hodor waking up, realizing it was all a dream and then laughing, “HAHAHA HODOR!”.

5/19/19 10:40PM

Arya Stark brings smallpox to the indigenous people of the Western continent and accidentally kills far more people than Daenerys Targaryen could kill with her Dragons. 

5/19/19 10:30PM

After the bells, i didn’t know how this last episode would go but it was a much better finale than i expected. Poor Drogon, at least he got revenge on the thing that really killed his mom, The Iron Throne. Now all Bran needs is an Iron wheel chair. I do kinda wish he fond Drogon as an after credit scene.

5/19/19 10:28PM

To quote the great Alyssa Edwards from season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, “Mawma, this was garbage”

4/08/19 8:57PM

I mean, there’s a ton of stuff. Account security. More launchers. Existing friend networks. Feature set. Price competition from authorized key resellers.

Every argument I seem to see for EGS either a)says that since that person doesn’t care about those things, no one else does or can; b)has vague promises about Read more

6/29/18 7:49PM

Who builds an advanced AV setup for their entertainment around a large screen and doesn’t plug it directly into a surround receiver (which should then be where you need all your HDMIs)?

6/15/18 11:10PM

Let’s be clear, The TLC can’t run a schlocky business and then blame Uber or Lyft for their monopoly being circumvented. The problem for the TLC is that they can no longer raise their rates indiscriminately, and riders don’t need to ride in shitty Camrys that smell like vomit anymore. Every time that happens, it Read more