I Am Gnome Ann
Mar 3

Also a fun time to remind everyone that we’ve never actually seen a generation retire with the 401k system rather than pensions, and the general assumption is that it’s going to go terribly. Read more

Mar 1

God would ride in on a white horse, and the faithful would vanish to meet Jesus while nonbelievers were left behind to suffer the Apocalypse on Earth.” Read more

Feb 25

What is it with these people and bathrooms? Are they not aware that there nothing stopping men from going into women’s bathrooms right now if they’re that determined that that's the best spot to assault people?

Feb 24

Oh definitely. I love McDonald’s milkshakes. When I was a teenager I would somehow get them instead of a soda with my lunch and manage to finish everything. How the heck did I do that? Read more

Feb 22

It’s not one of his more talked about movies (it’s truly awful,) but he had one that came out in the early aughts called Hollywood Ending where circa-2002 Debra Messing, Tea Leoni and Tiffany Amber Thiessen were all absolutely head over heels for circa-2002 Woody Allen. Technically, only the first two were in love Read more

Feb 22

The comment about “Woody Allen the steamroller” (as opposed to the public image of Allen as a neurotic) reminds me of how Orson Welles absolutely pegged him for what he always was decades ago. Read more

Feb 22

I don’t understand how anyone could believe Allen after the business with his stepdaughter.

Feb 20

Do your windshield wipers chatter
On the windshield overnight?
If Jalponik says “don’t do it”
do you raise them up in spite?
Do they slam into your windscreen
Leaving cracks both left and right?
Do your windshield wipers chatter
On the windshield overnight?

Feb 18

Lots of reasons. First, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t. You boss can’t give you a raise because they’re not moving product or services. Why? Because all the people who buy your stuff are tied to people with loans in some form or fashion. Over 25% of Americans have student loans. What they’re paying Read more

Feb 17

I’m gonna go out on a limb say I don’t care if people that went to fancy private schools get their debt wiped out. most of those people don’t come from money. I would rather give a rich person a bit of a leg up than fuck over someone with a working class background. 

Feb 16

Yeah, that was the point I was making. We’re just smaller than our reputation as the great cesspool of sin makes us look. Read more

Feb 15

Yeah, Asheville is so blue we’re represented by Madison Cawthorn. Democrats are definitely crushing it here in the 828.

Feb 11

I agree with Brandy that “don’t let being right get in the way of being good” is the way to go here. That said, you can choose how good you want to be. A polite “wow, sucks, sorry you’re not feeling well, keep me posted” is just fine. You don’t need to join the meal train or offer to clean her bathroom. Read more

Feb 11

This is actually how Mr. Levy and I got our shit back on track after a very tough time in our marriage. Being intentional, checking in with each other, communicating how we feel to each other. Do we have weekly scheduled conversations and ask each other how we loved or supported each other using scripted sounding Read more

Feb 11

I saw her post that image and likening it to republicans, and my mind went directly to one of my grandmother’s best friends. I remember her having tea with my grandmother in the kitchen and seeing her arm tattoo and being so curious what the numbers meant.  She explained to me that she was a Holocaust survivor, she Read more

Jan 27

I think for this particular scenario, “pulling a Bugs Bunny” and “honey-trapping” should be combined into “Bunny trapping”, because for some reason the thought of these guys swooning Elmer Fudd-style over a woman who’s going to turn them over to the FBI cracks me up so hard.

Jan 26

I guess the real question is whether you want to push Biden to be better, or punish him for his past. You’re stuck with him as President. You can go after Democrats for every terrible thing they have done, and every good thing they failed to achieve. And if you succeed in punishing them enough, your reward is Read more